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SPECTACULAR SEMINAR/JOURNEY to be held in Pisac, Peru from 1 till 13 June, 2012. It will again be a Theta Healing Intensive, where you learn DNA 1 & 2, Advanced DNA and the Manifestation & Abundance in 12 days with 2 days in between each section to take in the stunning Sites of the Sacred Valley. Take this AMAZING opportunity. BOOK NOW - LIMITED PLACES. Bless your Day.


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Welcome to Theta Gateway,

which is a place where we're learning to be our true selves in Gratitude and Joy.

On this website you will find information on Orion Theta Healing, DNA Activation, Abundance and Manifesting, where you let go of all blocks to create all your heart's desires and much more.


Also about the amazing simplistic healing modality called Reiki.


Since May 2010 I have been based in Pisac, Peru, where I now also teach the Munayki, 9 Ancient Andean Rites and learn to work with the elements in the Andean tradition.

Very happy to receive you here for seminars. Please check out Paz y Luz Accommodation and retreat Centre, which is where l am operating from.


Love, Truth, Light, Joy and Peace to our world.


Om Shanti - Hetty






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